Certified Teachers Who CAN’T Teach

Yes, they DO exist, and, they’re still NOT found, in the darkened corners of this world either…

Certified teachers who CAN’T teach, because passing the teacher certification examinations, that, is the EASY part, and, everything is still theoretical, on paper?  And, unless those “certified” teachers get DROPPED into a classroom, full of kids, they would NOT have the firsthand experience of what a classroom looks like.

You THINK that kids are going to sit still, with their tentative listening skills, while you YAP about whatever?  Think again!!!  Kids get B-O-R-E-D easily, and, some kids, well, they have the attention span of a QUARTER SIZE of a P-E-A (as if having the attention span of a PEA isn’t bad enough already???), and, there are those who are way too smart above the rest, who find what you’re yapping on uninterested, and those, well, they’re going to act UP, become disruptive, talk to other classmates, disrupts their classmates learning process, and, what CAN you do?  Oh, I know, SEND those kiddies INTO the principals’ office.

And that, is only a MINISCULE portion of what CAN happen, on Day One for you, freshly “off the block” newbie teachers, so, don’t think that oh wow, I got my teaching certificate here, in my hands, from an ACCLAIMED university somewhere, and I’d be very well-equipped, to handle a BUNCH of younger children, because you’re NOT, and, this sort of knowledge still only comes with TIME and EXPERIENCE, and you can’t have experience, until you’d been DROPPED, into the real world, sink or swim, what’s it gonna be???

And then again, what WOULD I know?  The only time I’d ever STEPPED up to the “plates” were that time in elementary school in health class, and the teaching presentation I’d done, a few years back…


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