The Students’ Nightmares, the Graduation Shows are Burning Money

Splashed across the Front Page Sections this morn, translated…

The graduates from the arts department have an art exhibition at graduation, the clothing designs major has a runway show, and now, even those from the advertizing, the industrial designs major ALL have shows to put on, the materials, the place for the shows, the flyers, you can’t graduate without spending at LEAST $20,000N.T.  there were even parents who complained to the papers, that the graduation show for the industrial designs major of a university must spend over $30,000N.T. to get a model, how can the poor students afford it?

Most of the students from technical universities are willing to give UP on that degree, they’d NOT burn the money on the graduation exhibitions.  And there were students who wondered, “Can we replace the shows with our master’s thesis instead?”

The designs, the broadcasting, the clothes designs, the dance majors’ last year student, must take a two to four credit course on “graduation manufacturer”, and this month, the shows are on.

Take for example the broadcasting, the design majors, the students not only need to spend over $10,000N.T. on putting their projects together, they must pay a $10,000 to $20,000N.T. to rent the place for the shows too.  And, on average, every student MUST spend around $20,000N.T. in order to graduate, and, this, is especially hard-hitting for those students who must work to put themselves through school.

An Interior Designs major student from a technical university in the southern regions, because she didn’t have enough money, she couldn’t put an exhibition on for graduation, in her junior year, she’d switched from the day schools to the night schools that didn’t need to put on the shows.  And, there’s only one slot for the daytime to nighttime classes, and, there are a TON of student who are fighting over it, “this, is what our older schoolmate told us, a way to skip out from doing the graduation exhibition.”

And so, what the HELL is the purpose of these exhibitions?  Nothing, and, plus, the parents complained of how those sculptures would become SCRAP metals after the exhibitions are over, so, basically you’d spent a TON of money, and put on the show for NO more than three seconds, as that, would be how long the “fames” would last, and that, is just BOGUS, if you ask me, but hey, who asked Y-O-U???  Exactly!!!


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