Before the Honeymoon Started, the Woman Claimed that She Will Get a Divorce, and Called Her Husband, a “Lousy Mama’s Boy”

Honeymoon WAS O-V-E-R, even before it began here, on the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Wu, who’d just gotten married not too long ago, on the day before they are supposed to go on their honeymoon, his wife told him, “Let’s get a divorce”, then, she’d started criticizing him, called him “mama’s boy, a bad child”, and taped the sign of “Do NOT enter, or I will SUE” on their bedroom doors.  Wu couldn’t deal with how his wife, Lai had taken his son into her own mother’s house, and allowed him to see the child, “only through the screen doors”, he’d filed for divorce, and was allowed to.

The judge ruled, that the one-and-a-half year old son is in the custody of the woman’s side of the family, that the mother had SOLE parental rights, but Wu can still go to visit his son at specified times, and Lai was NOT to prevent him from so doing.

Wu and Lai got married at the end of 2010, he’d accused, that two years ago, before they went on their second honeymoon, his wife first mentioned to him she wanted a divorce, and texted him, “Right after our return from the trip, we will file for divorce, I will get an abortion.”, and two years ago, from the months of June to August, his wife texted him multiple times, mentioned to him, “Why don’t you just go back to your own parents, and continue being a mama’s boy, all you need are your parents, go home, and be a good son, I’m so unlucky for marrying you…”, etc., etc., etc.

He said, in order to avoid problems of mother and daughter-in-law not getting along, his parents rented their own place, bought a new house for him, and the wife had asked the deeds to be transferred to under her name for the “securities” of the marry; two years ago in September, after the mother-in-law learned about the “wish” of the daughter-in-law, she’d taken back the deeds to the house that she’d given her son, and the wife treated him with even MORE coldness.

He’d pointed, that two years ago in July, they’d started sleeping in separate rooms, the wife posted a “Do NOT Enter” sign outside the door, they’d lived separate lives now.

Later, the wife went back to Taichung to wait to give birth, wouldn’t allow him to hold his own child, he could only see his own son through the screen doors, the wife had even picked the days of his visits on the days he’d worked, and he has an “inaccessible” son.

She’d posted on Facebook, stating that his family only knew how to TEACH other people’s daughters how to be a daughter-in-law, and NOT teach the son how to be a son-in-law.  He believed, that his wife had constantly spoken of divorce, and cursed his whole family, so he could only divorce.

Even though she’d claimed to want a divorce, but toward the husband’s claims, Lai begged the judge, to “Not destroy a possibly fixable family”.  She said, that her husband took to her in-law’s words, he’d followed her mother-in-law’s superstitions, to drink a sort of a blessed water, to cast spells; she feared that it would affect her child, that, was why she didn’t want her husband’s side of the family caring for her son; and that she’d used such harsh language to get to her husband out of love.  Other than that, the husband had installed surveillance cameras all around their house, it’d made her scared, that they’d gotten into a physical altercation because of it; that the reason why they’d slept in different rooms was because “he’d affected my quality of sleep”.

So, there is still a ZILLION (and that, IS an understatement!!!) problem in this marriage, and, we still have NO clue WHAT caused this woman to feel this way, because we do NOT have the entire story, we don’t have ALL the details of their lives, but, based off of this, the woman DOES have a right to want to divorce the man.  So, this might well become a “He-Said, She-Said” case…


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