A Mentally Slow Daughter Accompanies Her Mother as She Works as a Street Sweeper

A story that’ll warm you right up, from the newspapers, translated…

The member of the sanitations team, Lin, in Luzhou, when she’d gone to sweep the streets, her mentally slow daughter would always be close by, the mother and daughter would be found, leaning to one another in the streets; last year, the sanitation team made an exception, and hired the girl, as the 1001 member of the team, so during the daytime, she’d be under her mother’s watch, and could help her mother out with her duties.

The twenty-three year old girl, Jun, is the only daughter of Chun-Yu Lin, but, the family’s joy of her birth dissipated, as she grow older and started showing signs of delayed developments.  When Lin and her husband were called by the doctors and told that their daughter was severely retarded, they couldn’t accept it then and there, they can only get on this long road of seeking out treatment options, and rehabilitations.

The daughter could NOT take care of her daily living, the husband’s work could NOT pay for the pricy treatments and care, and the elders in the family started having physical ailments to, Chun-Yu Lin carried the entire burden of the household economics, to help her husband.

Chun-Yu Lin stated, that her daughter is emotionally stable, that she’d felt well, and started working in a drapery shop, but one day, her daughter let a stranger into the house, and, all of their money was taken, and the phones had been disconnected too, but gladly, the daughter wasn’t harmed, it’d shocked her when she’d arrived home, and, she’d sworn to NEVER leave her daughter’s side again.

In order to make ends meet, Lin took her daughter as she’d gone on her job interviews, and kept getting turned down, until last year, she was told that the Luzhou sanitation team was looking for help, and because they’d only wanted someone for the early morning shifts, Lin immediately went to the interviews.

The team manager, Hsu learned of Lin’s difficulties, he’d NOT only hired her in advance, he’d even made an exception, to allow Jun to accompany her mother as she’d worked; Hsu said, that Lin is hard working, with the help from her daughter, he’d gotten twice the help for one set of wages, and it’d helped out the Lins too, why not?

Ever since, unless it’s typhoon or raining too hard, Lin would always put on the protective wear for her daughter, and the two of them would go through the streets, and, in a year’s time, their tracks can be found, ALL over Luzhou, and, the people in the neighborhoods got to see the two parent-and-child helping each other.

“I know I’m a burden to my mom”.  Jun told, every time she’d seen her mother’s hands all wrinkled, she’d felt very sad, so, she’d followed her mother’s instructions word-for-word.  This year on Mother’s Day, she is learning a song, “My Mother’s Hands”, from a Taiwanese single, to sing to her mother.

And so, there IS still kindness, right ‘round the corner here, and the person who’d hired the mother was kind enough to allow the daughter to tag along, solving the problem of NOBODY keeping an eye out for the mentally retarded child when the mother worked, and the city gets two for the “price of one”, this is, a symbiotic relationship that we’re seeing here.






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