How Do You Know that I’m Really Single???

Humor me a bit, why don’t ya!!!

How do you know that I’m really single???  Just because I “claimed” to be on my profiles?  I could damn well be a married man who’s just looking to SCORE some free FUCK for all you know!

How do you know that I’m really single???  How can you be sure, that everything I’d written down for my “profiles” is actually the TRUTHS about me?  How do you know, that when I say “I love you” (which is still just TO my dead boys, back when they were still around…), I really DO mean that?  How do you know, that I’m NOT just trying to get INSIDE of your panties, ladies, not that I am here.

How do you know, that I’m really single, unwed, like I say I am?  Even if you meet me face to face, I can still keep the truths about myself AWAY from you, after all, it would be super, duper easy, to conceal this wedding band “dent” on my finger you know?  So, H-O-W do you know, that I’m really single?  Oh wait, you don’t, but, I’m just like that Chinese dude from a VERY long time ago, you know, the one that FISHED without the baits?  So, come, take a bite, if you want to, but, once you get “hooked onto” me, you will NEVER break free, you will BE struggling for the REST of your lives, so, don’t take the B-I-T-E!!!






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