Do What is Right, Taking It Easy on the Weekends


An entrepreneur said once, “Monday through Friday, do your jobs right; on weekends, do what’s right.”, and I’d lived like that, so, every single weekend, was my happiest and most fulfilled time.

In the mornings, I’d headed out to shop at the marketplaces, to make sure that I’d gotten every single grocery that I wasn’t able to get regularly on the weekdays; then, I’d entered the libraries, to flip through the magazines and the papers, the world is constantly changing, to keep track of what’s going on all around, that is the right way to live.  And so, in the mornings, I’d gone to the marketplace, and chit-chatted with the elderly folks who’d set up stands, and I’d read up on the papers, and skimmed through books, it’s so very relaxing!

At noon, I’d cooked my well-balanced meals, to make up for the unbalanced-out diet I’d had during the weekdays; in the early afternoon, I’d take a quick nap, then, I’d rode my bicycle out, to stroll through the city, and, it’s the spring season, the weather’s warm and comfortable too, and the skies are sunny, and it’d lifted my moods up.  Sometimes, I’d loved riding to a lecture, sometimes I’d ride to my friend’s house, and sometimes, I’d go to attend the activities hosted by some group, or just rode out to the country sides, to enjoy the scenery.

In the evenings, it’s my free time for one, I could go to the night markets to stroll, to take up a course in community college, and I can also right.  Sometimes, I’d made an unplanned visit to friends, to allow them to accompany me to enjoy life.

I’d also loved SPA, and I’d also enjoyed taking a leisure stroll down the walking path, this sort of a life, is very simplistic and yet, it’s fulfilled to me.

I did NOT plan out my weekends, I’d allowed my moods to lead the way for me, I can spend it quick or slow, I can get wind up or relax, this, is my day of perfection.

So, all you’re doing here on the weekends, is to just let loose, to NOT plan, to be spontaneous, because you couldn’t afford to do it during the work week, and that, is a great way to relax, to do something that’s OUT of the ordinary from your daily living schedules.

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