The Mother of the Little Boy Who Was Abused to Death Made Bail Because She’s Once Again, Pregnant, with Twins

Hello, shouldn’t someone take HER in, to get S-P-A-Y-E-D???  From the Newspapers, translated…

Last week, Pan was caught, dealing drugs, but because she was pregnant with twins, she wasn’t placed in custody.  The Hsinbei Social Services Department, the Department of Sanitation, along with the police stations called a press conference because of this, hoped that the D.A. would consider giving Pan house arrest; the D.A. stressed that they’d done everything according to the law, that there was NO mishaps.

Three years ago, the two year old little boy, How Wang’s birth father was sent to prison for dealing drugs, the mother, Pan, and the drug dealer, Liu moved in together, and How Wang was abused to death by Liu and three others; and Pan was sentenced for drug use, three years ago in March, she’d used the excuse of she’s pregnant, filed to a stop order on her incarceration, and after she’d made bail, she ran off; on May first of this year, Pan was once again, arrested for dealing drugs, but because she was once again, pregnant with twins, after she was arrested, she’d made bail again, and was told to wait, but the D.A. did NOT put her on house arrest.

The district attorney in charge of the Hsinbei City’s D.A.s offices, Lee stated yesterday, that based off of the laws of the penitentiary, women who are five months pregnant or had given birth no more than two months can’t be placed in custody, and that the jails would NOT keep them either, and, they can only enforce a law that made sure that Pan is placed under house arrest, that there’s NO strict enforcement of this, that if she really wanted to run, NOBODY can stop her, all they could do, was to wait for the laws to be amended.

How Wang’s aunt, Wei-Jun Wang noted this, and blamed the government “Must you wait until someone’s DEAD, then start regretting?”  Wei-Jun Wang questioned, that Pan had once dodged bail before, and if she “disappeared off the maps”, took the advantage to use and hurt the child she was carrying, or after she’d given birth, and handed her child to the “drug-addicted friends”, and the case of How Wang repeated, who will be held responsible?

Wei-Jun Wang stated, that the law is there to protect people, but when there are holes in the systems, then, the laws must get amended quickly, instead of just saying, “there’s NOTHING we can do”, she saw how the social services department was working hard, how the social workers are working hard to show their cares and concerns, and that the cops are on call 24/7, that, is not the way to resolve this sort of a problem.

This, is still how the government is trying to TREAT a problem, and, this woman should NEVER BE allowed to make bail at all, but because she’s pregnant AGAIN, and I’m betting that she uses her pregnancies as a “get-out-of-jail-free” card too, and that, is just ONE out of zillions of H-O-L-E-S, in the JUSTICE system.


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