Not Wanting to be Spied On? Over Forty Percent of Adolescents Don’t Add Their Parents as Friends on Facebook

I wonder W-H-Y???  From the Newspapers, translated…

Facebook had become the medium for adolescents now, and, more and more parents had hoped to gain the knowledge for who their kids are hanging out with, but, the Golden Car Education Foundation had found, that over forty-one percent of teens would NOT add their parents as their “friends”, and this is more apparent, older the kids would be, the statistics for middle schooler is forty-three percent, and in high school and technical high school the number had increased to forty-four percent.

The Golden Car Foundation had surveyed students from the fifth grade to second year in high school and surveyed them on using the web for entertainment purposes, they’d received 1,519 filled out surveys.  The surveys found, that over fifty percent of teens have web-enabled phones, and over ninety-percent of children are logged on at home too.

And the purpose of the adolescents’ online activities is mostly for gaming, chat rooms, surfing Facebook, and on the weekends and holidays, the hours of use are increased to three and a half hours daily.  And, of the teens who logged online from a day-to-day basis, fifty percent must check their e-mails, surf to their Facebook accounts, and nearly twenty percent would have LINE and Facebook handy.

The student from Yen-Ping High School, Kuo stated on the press conference yesterday, that her father had once asked her to add him as her friends on Facebook, but she’d turned him down, because she got to see him every single day, and they’d talked on a daily basis, there’s NO need, and, she’d also worried, that the messages she’d left for her friends and her friends left for her would be known by the parents; the elementary school student in Taoyuan, Peng had added his parents to his Facebook account, but he rarely used Facebook, and when there’s something, he’d tell his parents directly.

The CEO of the Gold Car Education Foundation, Tseng stated, that a lot of parents wanted to use Facebook to “spy”, to keep tabs on the kids lives, and are casted away by the children, her high school aged son had once added her as his “friends”, but then, he’d deleted her, it’d made her hurt; she’d suggested the parents, that other than Facebook, there are other ways that kids and parents can reach out to the kids, like how she would give her child backrubs and hold conversations with them, and, through the process, she would get to know what her kids are thinking of.

And so, this, would be a “setback”, I suppose, for ALL you parents, who falsely believes (b/c it IS a false belief???) that you CAN CONTROL, KEEP tabs on, your own children, because we the children


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