When Being Young Became an Excuse

Young WAS, an excuse, because we WERE (that was in the P-A-S-T???) inexperienced, too naïve, too unknowing, but, we’d gotten so used to “being young” as an excuse, that we’d used it over, over, and over again, and it’d gotten too old now.

When being young became an excuse, because if you’re young, you’re at an advantage, and, most people will OVERLOOK the fact that you were “new ‘round here” and they wouldn’t demand that much of you.

When being young became an excuse, you will NEVER grow UP, because you’d gotten too comfortable, hiding, behind that “screen door” now, that if you get away or move away from it, you’d feel like you were NAKED and self-conscious, and so, naturally, you’d retreated, back into the shadows of “being young”, and you WILL keep on using that as your excuse, for not MANNING UP, for NOT taking full responsibilities for your own FUCKED up actions, until you’re on your FUCKING (oopsy!!!) deathbed, and you look back, what WILL you find?  Exactly MY point!!!





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