The Number of Delayed Graduates is on the Rise Each & Every Year

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There are more and more delayed graduates from college, and the reasons are numerous, including, to avoid serving in the army, double-majoring, preparing for the graduate entrance exams, fearing not finding a job, to delay entry into the workforce, etc., etc., etc., especially when it costs a WHOLE lot less in public universities than in private ones.

And, because the number of delayed graduates are on the rise, the schools had already started charging extra now.

And, this, is the schools’ ways of MAKING the kids, FACE their futures, but hey, you still can’t KICK their sorry asses (b/c that, is what they all got) out, I mean, their mommies and daddies ARE paying for their education, hello, hello, hello?  And, using school to DELAY growing up, facing the reality of the workforce, is still very IRRESPONSIBLE, and, IF you forced this next group of irresponsible “adults” into the workforce, imagine how messed UP this world will get???

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