The Most Special Kind of Gift for Professions of Love, a Story on Marriage

How nice is the couple interacting here, and it’s all due to this mutual respect that they’d had for one another since the very start of their relationship, translated…

I put on my safety helmet and was ready to leave the house, I’d recalled how my husband and I first met.  He and I worked in the same office, that, was how we’d met up, back then, because I was “fresh”, I’d been extremely cautious when it came to work, I’d carried with me, a TON of fears, along with the rising pressures of my life too.  And maybe, it’s because of my mental state, that I’d gotten sick every two or three days, and my immune system was off, I was suffering.

On a sick leave, I’d gotten a call from him, which managed to pull us closer to one another, and we’d started talking a lot.  One day I’d gone to a hospital to get my headaches examined, but the patients had filled the waiting room, and he’d called me up, “Hello!  Where are you?  Still waiting to see the doctor?  Are you at so-and-so hospital right now?”

After I’d answered his inquiries, I’d ended the call, not long there afterwards, I’d finally gotten to see the doctor, I’d held back my hunger, and moved very slowly toward the counters and got ready to pay.  And, I’d seen him, from my peripheral vision, turns out, he was waiting for me there, at a corner of the hospital already.  At the same time I saw him, he saw me too, I saw how he’d walked very lightly toward me, with a ball shaped item in his hands, “Let’s go have supper!”

As I’m already overcome with hunger, of course I’d told him yes.  That, is when I’d realized that he’d already made reservations at a high-end restaurant, I exclaimed, “Why are we dining so well, I only make enough, I can’t afford this kind of high-end living!”

He’d stated slowly, “From before, didn’t you tell me that you’d never been here?  Plus, your birthday is tomorrow isn’t it?  Is it wrong of me, to want to treat you to a birthday dinner?”, he’d taken the measures to recall my birthday, and, I couldn’t turn him away, and so, I’d gone with him, to that expensive restaurant.

Afterwards, that bag of ball had finally been “revealed”, it was a safety helmet for the motorcycle.  He was extremely articulate regularly, but now, he’d become somewhat shy, he said, “because it’s windy here, inside the park, and I know you often had headaches and colds, and if you wear this helmet that covers up your whole head, then, your head wouldn’t hurt so bad anymore, and you’d be safer, when you ride your motorcycle too, as for that helmet that you had, don’t wear it anymore then!”

I was truly moved by his careful thought, and his gentleness, I’d smiled and told him thanks.  And, just so, I was taken by that helmet, and became the love of his life.  And, what I’d loved about him, was how he’d loved me just like the very beginning, how he’d put up with me no matter what.  Later, we’d rarely celebrated the special occasions anymore, because I’d always said to him, coyly, “Living with you, it’s like Valentine’s Day every single day!”

And this, would be how closely they’d interacted with each other, and, you can feel the love (fine, I FELT the love), and, there’s just NO need to say “I love you” too much, because love is best when it’s shown.

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