She Was More Mature Than Her Peers, Had Complained about Love

This, is the “follow up” story from the last, and the parents still didn’t notice???  Wow, are you FUCKING retarded, or, are you JUST fucking retarded, I still have to get “pardoned” for my French here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The case of how two middle school students drowned themselves in a river in Yunlin, because the two kids didn’t leave a note, their cause of death is still unknown.  The expert said, that the adolescents had a need to rebel or the need to run away, and the instructors and elders MUST be patient in hearing them out, and give them guidance at the right time, to NOT take lightly the kids’ emotional words.

The principal of the middle school where the two kids attended that committed suicide was transferred yesterday, the local government reminded the educators, to use all they have, to help the children out.

The school stated, that the last year middle school girl, Chang worked part-time, to help her family’s household economics, and is more mature than her cohort; she is understanding to what others are experiencing, is kind toward everybody, very popular in school, and very opinionated too.  But based off of the statements from her classmates, she’d once claimed that she was having relationship difficulties, and that in her conversations with them, or the words she’d posted on Facebook, it’d disclosed how trapped she’d felt.

The psychology association’s branch manager in Yunlin, Lin stated, that teenage suicides may be from modeling behaviors, that it is especially important, for the counseling to take place inside the separate classrooms.

The professor of Counseling in the University of Chiayi, Chang also told, that the parents are overly anxious and worried about the love life of teenagers, and if they’d treated the matter as “parents”, it would sound like they’re blaming the children from the children’s perspectives, he’d suggested that the parents should act more like a friend to the children, to use text messages, or even strips of notes, it would work better.

The two middle school students committed suicide yesterday, and the school principal was demoted, it’d gotten the parents and the students upset, other than the man in charge of that village going to the principal’s office to show his support, there were parents, and people in the online community that said, “The principal didn’t do anything, and still, he got ‘shot’ too!”, and there is this opposition building up, the students went on Facebook, stated that they don’t want their principal to be transferred away.

But hey, when something like this happens, SOMEONE should hang, after all, that, is what the public wants, and, the public don’t give a SHIT if the person getting HANGED is actually responsible or not, they just want to see someone pay, and this case, it’s the principal that got shot.

And, even though I don’t know exactly what happened, because I was NOT there, the girl felt that killing herself, is the best way to prove that she was in love, and, committing suicide was still NOT the right way to get her message through, but, it’s already TOO late now, she’s already D-E-A-D, isn’t she???


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