The Cross-Country Trip with Your Ashes

I’d decided, to finally, take a two-week “vacation”, like I’d promised you before you’d died, to take you on that cross-country trip, but, because life got in the way, I couldn’t make the time, until now, FIVE years after you’d passed.

So, I set out, with an urn, right next to me, on the passenger side, and I drove out on the freeways, headed onto the interstate, and, arrived at that first place we’d circled together on that worn out map.

The cross-country trip with your ashes, inside that URN that they’d handed you BACK to me in, I’d thought long, and hard, about where you’d like your “final resting place” to be at, and, I’d decided, to go on this trip, with you (well, the REMAINS of you, at least!!!), strapped in on the passenger side next to me in the car.

The cross-country trip with your ashes, that, is all I have, because back when you were still living (you know, with a pulse, a heart rate and all the rest???), you’d NEVER made the time with me, and then, it became that I got way too busy with life, and couldn’t make time for you either (call it PAYBACK for childhood if you want to!!!).

On this last trip cross-country that I’d taken, with your ashes, inside that urn that they (the mortuary) handed me, we’d shared a LOT MORE than we ever could, never thought the dead would be such great listener that’s the thing…

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