She Didn’t Know Her Middle-School Aged Daughter Was Accompanying Men for Drinks Until She’d Found Her Passed Out, Wearing Heavy Makeup

Uh, hello, what HAPPENED, to those MATERNAL INSTINCTS???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, Peng started sending out the message of “Are there any girls who want to work” on LINE, a fifteen-year-old middle school age girl inquired, and was introduced by Peng’s boyfriend to work at a bar, to allow the drinkers to touch her all over, to accompany them in getting drunk; Hong had also provided drugs for the adolescent girl, the girl had accepted it when the customers took her out to have sex with her.  The Hsinbei District Attorney’s Office, prosecuted Peng and her boyfriend on charges that offended child and adolescent welfare.

This adolescent, raised by a single mother, had been numbed by the alcohol and the illegal substances, had gotten even higher with the customers; every day as she got off work, she’d take off her work uniform from the pub, take off her heavy makeup, pretended to go off early to school, the mother was way too busy at work, she didn’t notice.  Until the end of January this year, she’d gotten too drunk, forgot to take her makeup off, passed out at her house, that, was when the mother realized that something wasn’t right and notified the police.

Hong (Age 21) is the manager of the pub, Peng (age 18) was a whore under him, along with his girlfriend; at the start of last November, Peng started soliciting the girls on LINE, and randomly sent out “Are there girls who want work, the job pays $160N.T./hour”, and started “hooking” up with the middle school aged girl.

Peng and the girl met, and told her that the job was a pub girl, the adolescent said that she is okay with it, and Peng gave the girl a grown woman, Yen’s identification, because the girl is still not yet of age, then, Hong had sent the girl to a pub in the city of Taipei.

When the adolescent was hired as a full-time employee, Hong told her, that the company policy stated that the dancing girls must take their clothes off slowly, to allow the customers to touch them, and that if the customer asked, they will have to JACK them off too; in order to get her braver, to get her in the mood, Hong had also provided drugs for her to use.

As the D.A. interrogated, that, was when Hong and Peng admitted to knowing that the adolescent was NOT yet of age, and that they’d provided her with a false I.D., and introduced her to work at a pub, but denied having provided the illegal substances for her to use; they’d also claimed, that the girl had agreed to the dealings with the customers separately, that it was her own free will, that they had nothing to do with it; but the D.A. didn’t believe them.

And so, how, does a mother NOT find out, until the child was found, PASSED OUT?  Are you plain STUPID, parents?  And, this just shows you how OFF the values are getting, and, teenagers are still willing to SELL their bodies for just about anything here, and that, is what this world had gone to here.


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