A Mother Who Abused Drugs Is Not Fitting to Be a Mother

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Yesterday I’d seen on the news about a woman who abused drugs and was arrested, it was the mother of that little boy who was abused to death three years ago.  She’d gotten high, but had used her pregnancy as a shield, and gotten off easy, and, what’s worse was that her fetus, before being born had already been exposed to illegal substances, what SORT of a life will the child have after s/he was born?

As a mother myself, I MUST blame her for being an unfit, we’d carried our kids for TEN months, they’re our flesh-and-blood, how can she be so cruel, and so STUPID, and just keep on using, and murdering her own kids?

Maybe she didn’t meet a good guy, but, the child is still innocent.  And, are there NOT social services foundations that would forcefully MAKE the pregnant ladies detox?  All of these woman who’d gone down the wrong paths all have their separate SOB stories sure, but, the children belonged to the country, NOT your own “property”, and, the government IS responsible for children from those lower socioeconomic backgrounds, and those mothers who were deemed unfit should have their kids forcefully removed from them, to place in temporary foster care. As the citizens are NOT doing well, the government should use ALL the power it can, to protect the offspring of the citizens, instead of allowing the citizens to treat their own offspring howsoever they chose to, to allow this sort of child abuse to continue.

And so, this, is how a teacher sees the issues, and, on some level, she is right, on how those UNFITTING mothers should NOT be allowed to “breed”, but hey, a woman’s right to REPRODUCE is all her own, and, there’s just NO way of educating, of preventing this sort of SHIT from happening…

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