My Strong Girlfriends

The features of a woman, translated…

My good friend A, was the it pair with her husband in class, they’d dated for seven years before they tied the knot, after they wed, they lived with her in-laws, they have two kids.  After fifteen years of marriage, her husband had an affair, and had a daughter, wanted a divorce.  Without another word, she’d taken her children, and lived independently of him.

After the divorce, when the ex was in trouble, she’d even taken money from her own accounts to help him, and she’d even accompanied her parents-in-law who didn’t have anybody for the New Year’s Eve dinner.  She’d worked hard, gave herself to God, she’d often told, “I’d lived more vicariously after the divorce!”

Another close friend, B went with her husband to the States as he’d studied, she’d provided for his education by working part-time, she’d soaked her hands in chemicals, and had gotten calloused hands, and still after the husband got his degree, he’d abandoned her.

Later, she’d finished her own degree too, and opened up a math tutoring place, and had fallen in love, gotten married with an American who owned a restaurant, and they’d had two outstanding and beautiful daughters.  Later on, her husband’s diner went bankrupt, and, he’d taken to the bars, and never taken care of his family, she’d once more, become the sole support of her household.

“As the orchid rose out of the valley of the shadows, it would still have an aromatic scent, even IF nobody was there to notice”, I’d given this line, to my strong and honorable girlfriends.

And so we have two women who’d been dealt lousy hands, and yet, they do NOT complain, they’d worked harder, to make their own lives count, and that, is worth a LOT!!!









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