A Proclamation of Love Became Rape, He Asked Her “Who am I”…She Shook Her Head

Because your love wasn’t returned, that, is how you do it?  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

An eighteen year old man Chou was in love with a fourteen year old middle school girl, she’d turned him down three times, and he’d taken her house keys, and found an opportunity when no adults were there, wore his motorcycle helmet inside; the girl’s six-year-old younger brother was waken up, and, for the safety of her younger sibling, the girl chose NOT to fight him, her eyes were covered by Chou, and he was able to rape her.  The District Attorney’s Office in Hsinbei City yesterday prosecuted Chou based off of forced sexual behaviors.

Last September, Chou met up with the thirteen-year-old middle school girl, he’d started having a crush on her, learned where she’d worked, he’d gotten a job there too, finally worked up his courage and told her he loved her, but, she’d turned him away three times.  Chou was successful in his pursuits of her, and claimed that he was willing to be her close friend, had accompanied her home multiple times, and found that her mother took the graveyard shift, and he’d waited until nobody’s at home at night, and picked up the keys that she’d accidentally dropped.

At two in the morning on April 7, Chou took along some duct tape, gloves, condom, and helmet, and walked to her home; he’d opened the doors, gone into the girl’s bedroom, covered her mouth and nose, and choked her, in the process, the six-year-old younger brother was awakened, the girl told, “He’s just a child, don’t hurt him”, and she’d stopped fighting.

Chou dragged the girl to the next room, and taped up her eyes, took off his helmet, got his way with her, then, pulled her into the bathroom to wash up, and he’d asked her, “Do you know who I am?”, the girl suspected that it was Chou, and Chou left.

Later on the girl notified the police, the police reviewed the surveillance footage and found that it was Chou; Chou admitted to it, said that it was due to impulse from how he was turned away by the young girl.

And so, when you get turned away, you got embarrassed, and your EGOS felt “damaged”, and this, is how you GET someone who’d turned you away back?  Are you kidding me?  And, can’t a girl tell a guy “NO”, without putting HER own life in jeopardy?

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