A Class of Last Year Middle School Student That Has Everybody in Awe

The coming-of-age of a child, translated…

My youngest daughter who’s a last year middle school student this year, because her original homeroom teacher had asked for a transfer, and so, this semester, there’s a new teacher, taking this group of children who are about to face one of the most important test in their lives—the children who are about to take the education reform examinations.

At first, everybody expected that the new teacher would be just like the original, taking them all over the world in class (b/c the homeroom instructor is a geography teacher); and would shoot the hoops with them after school, and to run the laps too.  Without knowing, that one the first day she’d come in, she’d NOT only introduced herself, she’d also given them shocking news—she’s about to become a mom.  Meaning that in a few short months, she’d be on maternity leave, until a month before the examinations would she be returning back to her teaching post again.

Upon hearing, all the kids were stunned, and, right at the moment when everybody’s tongue-tied, there came a loud applause and a voice saying loudly, “Teacher, congratulations!  Don’t worry, we will manage ourselves real well when you’re on maternity leave, hope that everything goes well, class, wouldn’t you say so too!”

It’s shocking, how the most naughty student had said something so moving, it’d shocked everybody else in class.

After the instructor had heard, she was very moved, and she kept telling them, “You are a group of wonderful and well-behaved children.”

And so, the entire class designed a schedule for their study sessions, they’d first assigned a teacher’s aide for every single subject, to help those who have difficulties; and the countdown to the days of the examinations on the blackboard, reminding everybody NOT to waste the time.  Every day, I’d see my daughter worked hard in her studies, to prepare for all her subjects, as a mother, I believe that she’d grown up, and I’m in awe, at how amazing this group of last year middle schoolers are too!

And so, that just shows, that an “anarchy” is NOT at all that bad, because the teacher is on maternity leave, and she couldn’t manage to watch over the students, and, the students, in order to set the instructor’s mind at ease, they’d promised to self-govern, and set up study sessions all on their own, and, this group of kids are really handling this quite maturely too.


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