A Woman Wants to Break Up, the Man Spread Out Her Nude Photos to Her Friends & Families as Retaliation

A man Wang was dissatisfied at how his girlfriend wanted to break up, was suspected of getting her e-mail account passwords, and downloaded her contact information from a distance, then, sent sexually illicit photographs, video footages, to the woman’s friends and families, Wang admitted to so doing, and was prosecuted by the D.A.’s office in Hsinbei City based off of obstruction of privacy, and some other charges.

Wang’s ex-girlfriend was in her twenties, graduated from a public graduate school, worked at a namely hospital before, at the end of last April, she felt that Wang (age thirty-something) had become too controlling, wanted to break up.

Wang begged and pleaded with her, in a few short days, he’d harassed her using text messages of wanting to get back together, the woman ignored him; the next month, Wang got worse, he’d used the e-mail pass codes he’d stolen from her, logged on to the web pages, and downloaded the woman’s personal information, and befriended the woman’s friends and families from her social networking contacts.

Because the woman refused to take calls from him, and NOT replied to his texts, Wang uploaded the photos of intimacy, that they’d had when they were dating, and spread it to all of her friends and families; last year at the end of June, Wang went to guard her residence in Chunghe District, and managed to block the woman as she was driving out, gotten on the car to prevent her from leaving, until the police showed up and made an arrest.

As the D.A. interrogated him, Wang admitted to secretly downloading her contacts, and spreading her nude photos, but claimed that it was with HER permissions, that he’d started taking the photographs, and that he’d blocked her path because he wanted to know why they’d broken up.

And so, it’s ALL excuses, because this man does NOT take the breakup easily, because he felt that there’s still MORE control (and let’s face it, he WAS, a control FREAK!!!), and this, is very bad, and, just because a woman wants to break UP with you, still doesn’t give you the right to FUCKING terrorize her now, does it???  And now you’d been caught and found, you used the excuse of wanting an explanation?  Who the FUCK (oopsy!!!) you kiddin’ here???

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