A Woman Had a Bad Attitude, the Boyfriend Went Nuts and Stabbed Her to Death

Let’s see what set this L-O-S-E-R off, shall we???  From the Newspapers, translated…

A man, Hsu and his girlfriend, Hou two nights ago, went to stay at a motel in Louzhou, yesterday morning at around seven, Hsu suspected that his girlfriend was cheating on him, they got into a spat, Hou cussed Hsu out, and, Hsu was angered, and was suspected of using the fruit knife he’d stashed on him to stab her three times and killed her.

The police investigated, that the thirty-nine year old man, Hsu was divorced, and has a daughter, drove a cab for a living, had met the forty-one year old woman in a card game, they’d dated for eight months.

The motel stated, that two nights ago at six in the evening, as the two came to check in, they’d not realize anything was off, yesterday morning at around ten, Hsu left on his own, told the counter, “we need to extend our stay, and, don’t disturb the person in the room, and, just call me for the payments”, he’d turned around and left.

At one in the afternoon, Hsu went out again, and asked the counter where the mall was, the counter felt that Hus was behaving weird, the room service went to the room and check, found Hou dead, they’d called the police immediately, the suspect, Hsu, before the police arrived, went to the room too.  The police found that Hou was lying, nude on the bed, face up, her right chest, left torso and the back of her left hand had knife wounds.

Hsu claimed, that yesterday he’d originally planned to take Hou who was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a fracture on his right foot to the hospital, wanted to clarify things with her, and after he was done, he’d planned to kill himself, that, was why he’d stashed a fruit knife underneath the driver’s side of his car.

Hsu said, that he was displeased at how much Hou enjoyed gambling, two nights ago, when Hou went to gamble again, she’d asked him to drive her there, plus Hou had an attitude, and, all the angers he’d kept on the inside had finally tipped over.  And yesterday morning at seven, they’d gotten into a verbal argument, that, was when he’d taken out the knife he’d stashed, and stabbed her.

The police found the fruit knife two kegs of gasoline, along with a quilt inside of his cab, and suspected that he might have plans to burn her body to erase the evidence, after the interrogations, they’d booked Hsu off of murder charges.

And so, a woman still got MURDERED because of love, and, there MUST be a LOT of things that were kept locked in, and, the break up became the straw that finally BROKE the “camel’s back”, and, this man still has a very LOW E.Q. if you ask me, but hey, who asked you!!!  Exactly my point.


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10 responses to “A Woman Had a Bad Attitude, the Boyfriend Went Nuts and Stabbed Her to Death

  1. Kudos. A good amount of knowledge.

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