A Brand New “Diagnosis” for Alice

This, IS how the modern day world IS viewing Alice…

With the “advancements” in diagnoses of mental disorders, and your FUCKING adult needs to “label” your children, along with a TON of OTHER “stuff” that’s currently ongoing, Alice’s lack of focus, and her daydreaming had become, a “crime”…

And, after Alice just couldn’t focus in her lessons, her sister and her instructor for her lessons started worrying about her, and, they’d taken her to the hospitals, to try to find out WHAT’s wrong with her, and, with the medical advances of modern day, the doctor examined her, first, they thought that it was only attention-deficit, but, they quickly ruled it out, because NOT focusing is NOT her only problem at home.  Alice drifts into daydream mode too much, and, the parents told the doctors, and, the doctors flipped through those OVER-SIZED, medical journals, and, saw, at the end of the last page of the journal for childhood disorder diagnosis (it’s NOT a real “journal”!!!), that there’s a newly “found” “item” of sluggish cognitive tempo, and, they read on further, and WHAM, the medical descriptions are perfectly matched up to Alice’s problem.

And so, this time, the docs took her off Ritalin (for treating HER attention-deficit), and put her on a brand new class of drugs, but, because this disorder is quite new, it’d only been discovered a few months ago, -ish???  There’s TOO many unknowns, and, treatment is still NOT available, because, there’s NOT enough information, NOT enough “literature”, on this brand new disorder…woe is A-L-I-C-E!!!








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