The Girl in Heavy Makeup


I’d often frequented the bakery close by, there was a girl in the shop that impressed me deeply, because she always had on heavy makeup.  How the glitter on her face shined, and how her fake lashes flowed as she’d blinked, like they’re about to get on stage to perform.  Sometimes, I would get the impulse of wanting to grab those fake eye lashes that appeared like caterpillars, but of course, I did NO such thing.

Later on, I’d gotten to know this girl better, I’d learned that she was still a technical high school part-time student.  I was shocked, because of the heavy makeup, it’d made her appeared more mature than kids her age, there’s also this experiencedness about her too.

I couldn’t help but asked her why she wore such heavy makeup?  She said, because her mother who works at a karaoke would wear her heavy makeup to work, and so, she modeled after her mother, she thought that it was very fun, plus, the mother never cared.

Later on, one day, I found that the girl showed up for work, without any makeup.  And she’d looked like a very natural young girl.  I’d told her, that she looked even prettier plain, compared to when she wore heavy makeup.  She’d told me, that from before when she wore heavy makeup, she was hit on by some middle aged guy, she’d felt angered by it; and what’s more upsetting was, that she’d worked up the courage to tell the guy she’s into that she liked him, not only did the guy NOT pay attention to her, he’d asked her, “Why did you paint your face like you’re a ghost?”, the girl was very upset, and decided right then and there, she will NOT be wearing any makeup.

And now, every time I’d gone to get my breads, I’d see this girl with a clean face, smiling naturally toward the customers, my moods are lifted each and every time.

And so, this teenager is trying on various identities, which is normal in her stage of life, and, she’d learned, from outside inputs, that she need NOT paint her face, and that she’d be better off, letting herself shine through, and so, she’d changed her behaviors, and, she’d become more comfortable with being herself too.


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