The Business Persuaded the Government to Dismiss All the Kindergarten Teachers and Have Teachers that Taught Specific Talents Instead

This is really bad, but hey, who asked Y-O-U, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The owners of kindergartens tried to persuade the representatives to amend the laws of educating and caring for the young children, to cancel the five-year-old classes’ rule of having only ONE teacher, and to allow for the assistance of the talents instructors to help teach the classes.  The scholars stated, that if this bill gets passed, then, it would make the kindergartens into profit organizations, that focused on the talents, and it’d also damaged the rights to work for those who ARE certified as kindergarten teachers.  The kindergarten instructors united, and asked the lawmakers to withdraw the amendment, and there are now, over ten thousand teachers that had signed the petitions.

In the past, the kindergartens took in four-to-six year-olds, and the teachers came from early childhood majors of universities, and their job required teaching mostly; the daycares took in children from two to four, and the instructors are from technical high schools, high schools, along with the child care majors of technical universities, with the primary focus on babysitting and caring, they’re called “Caretakers”.  Since the start of 2013 when the reform of early childhood education took place, the daycare centers and the kindergartens became centers for young children, and, in the classes of five-year-olds, there needed to be at least ONE early childhood teacher, and the caretakers became “Teacher-Caretakers”, and they were put in charge of three, four year olds.

Turns out, that those without the qualifications can’t work at kindergarten as a caretaker for the young children.  But the lawmakers brought out an amendment that added “those who are NOT with the qualifications, when a certified individual is present, is allowed to assist in teaching.”, and they will hold a hearing on this issue on Wednesday.

The statement made by teachers along with those who had hands-on pointed out that if the five-year-old class didn’t have a professional kindergarten teacher, then, the child’s quality of education would be lowered by a lot.

The assistant professor, Lin said that the five year old classes should have kindergarten instructors and caretakers, the former is responsible of lesson planning, lesson designing, the latter would focus on caretaking, like how China has the police of “Two formal teachers and one caretaker”, or like how Finland had “One formal teacher and two caretakers.”

Lin said, that once this amendment gets passed, the kindergartens will become like cram schools, and those without the certifications, qualifications as kindergarten teachers will come in second to those who teaches a talent or a skill, and the kindergarten teachers’ duties in class became “maintaining the order in the classrooms”, “there’s absolutely NO professionalism to speak of!”, before kids entered into elementary schools, they should NOT have the courses separated, instead, the children should be able to learn through play.

And so, based off of THIS, if this law gets signed into place, your kindergarten age children will be hauling that WAY-TOO-OVERSIZED BACKPACK, to and from school, and, they would lose their childhoods completely, and if those stupid lawmakers are okay with that, then, there IS something REALLY wrong with THIS freakin’ country!!!



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