The Two Officers Relayed a Lost Elderly Man to Get Him Home, the Elderly Thanked Them Nonstop

See, there is still, a TON of acts of kindness going around in this world that we live in, isn’t there???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

“Shuen, we will all be elderly one day, so, let’s help the elderly population together!”, empathy, is what made two police officers relayed over two hundred kilometers in distance, to get an elderly man who’s demented home again, from the mountainside of Hsinchu to his home in Chiayi, the two officers, Yang and Wang concealed their identities in their good deeds, until someone sent a letter of gratitude to the police department’s mailbox, did their good acts get found;

Last month on the eleventh, the patrol officer, Yang, from residents in the region that they’d seen an elderly person who was about to freeze to death, they’d gone up to see, and saw an elderly man, with very little clothes, shaking nonstop, he quickly took the man back into the station, and gave him some clothes and food too; the officers took a very long time, to finally get the elderly to tell them his name, “Rong”, and learned, that he lived in Chiayi.

“Holy, how did you end up in the mountains in Hsinchu?”, Yang was unsure, of if the elderly man really DOES reside in Chiayi, and because the next morning at five, Yang was called to the legislative building to offer back up, he didn’t know what to do, he recalled his old classmate, Wang who was working in a police station in Yunlin, and learned that Wang too, had been called, to back up the police force in Taipei.

The two men discussed the strategies, and Yang put up $2,000N.T. to hire a cab, to take the elderly man to the substation in Kou-Hu, Yun-Lin, over two hundred kilometers away, and relayed the elderly to Wang; that same night, Wang made numerous calls, to the subprecincts in Chiayi, to ask if any of them knew “Rong”.

There was an officer who’d told, that there is a sixty-five year-old elderly man named Rong in the village in Chiayi that matched the descriptions, at two thirty in the morn, Wang drove the patrol car, and escorted Rong back to his place, located way off the maps.

“Tons of thanks!”, after “Rong”, who’d wandered for god knows how many days saw his family again, the look of fear in his eyes dissipated, he’d raised both hands toward Wang, to show him his gratitude.  The elderly man’s relatives told, that the family members of “Rong” all lived in Hsinbei City, and why was he wandering in Hsinchu, none of them knew, but gladly, he was lucky enough, to meet up with the nice officers, otherwise, he would surely have died.

Wang said, that his classmate, Yang told him in the phones, “One day, we too, will grow old…”, and these words, they resonated inside his mind, he was deeply moved, everybody grows old eventually, and, protecting the elderly in the population is something we MUST all do.

And so, this, would be how the kindness of the two officers had helped this lost elderly man find his way home to his family, and, we need a LOT more of this sort of good news in the world.






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