The Aromatic Scent of Coffee

Found on a Chinese weblog, translated…

Growth, is a Process, and What, is Meant by the Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow? You will have to figure that out independently. The last taste that remained, is the lightly sweetened sensation, mixed, with a heart-awakening bitterness. And, we’d found ourselves, at last!

Glaring at that emptied coffee cup, that last remaining bit of pride got torn to shreds. A person’s life, is filled, with nothing BUT bitterness throughout. And so, why would we all, waste what little time we have on Earth, chasing after the unimportant things that don’t matter, such as reputation and fame, and money too.

I couldn’t figure it out, so, I’d gotten drunk on coffees instead.

Watching the dark-colored fluid circling around in my cup, from the lips, it went down, into my throat, then, into the depth, of our separate souls.

Taking with it, the bitterness, the feelings, the understandings, along with the inclinations you’d held, of your own lives.

Those who drank coffees knows how to savor life, with a heart that soared alongside the imaginations, traveling, through the passages of life, taking flight, rolling, giving off a sweet scent.

But, you’d have to wake eventually, it’s just that at that moment, you’d chosen the life fitting for you, one you would enjoy living. Don’t allow the life to make your decisions, make decisions about your own lives, because you need to have the quality of freedom that coffees have.

Some say, that coffees are lonely, and, you’re NOT drinking the coffees, because you feel alone or lonely, but because you need to be on your own, when you savor that cup of good coffee.

I had, already finished this cup of coffee that I have in my hands, my friends, have you, also done the same already?

And so, all of that, you’d “arrived”, in the short time it took, to drink up your cup of coffee, and, it’s a wonder, how something like coffee, or even alcohol, can make your imagination come alive, which, is probably W-H-Y, caffeine and alcohol, are so easily addicted on…








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