Because You Weren’t Watching Me

Because you weren’t watching me, I’d followed my rolling ball, onto the streets, and, I failed to realize, that a motorcycle was speeding toward me, and then, WHAM!!!  I was sent, flying over the front lawn…

Because you weren’t watching me, the Boogeyman took me, in my sleep, and now, I’m a much older person, thinking back to my childhood years, I blame you, completely, for NOT watching me closely or carefully enough at all.

Because you weren’t watching, I’d drowned in the tub, and now, I float around in this infantile body, wandering WHAT, exactly, was the reason I did NOT make it past day FIVE of my life, was it because I was too noisy, keeping you UP, into the wee hours of the night, that you’d fallen asleep when you were bathing me?  Well, shouldn’t you have considered, how big a toll I will have on your lives, BEFORE you’d gotten knocked UP with me?

Because you weren’t watching, all the bad things that had happened, happened, there’s NO doubt, and now, I’m a lost soul, and I will NEVER come back to life again, NO matter how hard you are crying over my lifeless body in your arms…









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