Waited for Four Years to Hear Her Grandson Call Her “Grandma”, the Child Was Mentally Delayed, But Was Mistaken for a Slow Developer

Prevention is still, WAY, WAY, W-A-Y better than treatment if you ask me, but, the families just thought that this kid was a slow-developer, that eventually he will catch up with the rest of his age group, from the Newspapers, translated…

The Hsinbei City’s Department of Sanitations scanned over 200,000 children from newborn to six years of age, and there were 2,700 confirmed diagnoses of developmentally delayed. The occupational therapist, Lu stated, that so long as interventions happen earlier on, with the current medical developments, children’s conditions will improve.

“Grand…am”, the sixty-six year old grandmother had waited for FOUR years for her grandson “Guan-Guan” to call her out. At age three, “Guan-Guan” had still yet learned to speak, and to play with other kids, the grandmother thought, that he was a “late bloomer”, but the mother felt that it was quite odd, and, brought him into the clinic for an examination just last year, and she was given the diagnosis of “autism” for her son.

And, this year, Guan-Guan can finally look at his grandmother and tell her, “Grandma bye-bye”, even though, he’d still stuttered a bit, but, the grandmother was so ecstatic hearing the child talk, she’d held him tightly, said, “I’m already sixty-six, and finally, my Guan-Guan can call me ‘grandma’”

Lu stated, that there are the misconceptions of “late bloomers”, but this view can easily have the kids, miss the deadline for treatment to become effective, but gladly, after consulting with the professionals, Guan-Guan’s grandma finally accepted that her grandson is autistic, and put him into three month’s worth of occupational therapy, and now, he can go on the swings alone, and walk the balance beams too.

And so, this merely shows, that you should NOT brush aside the small stuff, even though children will have their separate developmental milestones at various ages, but, if that five year old still can’t say complete sentences fluently, then, there might BE a problem, so, DO pay attention to your children, but, don’t compare how the next-door-neighbor’s kid was already on a two-wheel at age five and your six-year-old still can’t run well, or whatever, as each and every kid has her/his “clock” to follow…




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