On His Final Journey

He set out, for the very last, and final time, and this time, he SHALL NOT return again. He’d taken it extremely slow, on his final journey, cherished each and every step, and moment it took, for him, to reach the “finish lines”.

On his final journey, he’d noticed the things he’d never paid attention to from before, he’d been down this road so many times already, but because this, was his final journey, down this road, ONE last time, he’d taken the time, and the mind, to pay attention to all the beauties he’d missed from before.

On his final journey, nobody knew what’d happened, as he, was ALL alone, with the company of NOBODY ELSE but himself. On his final journey, how did you think he fared? I mean, none of us had ever seen him since that last trip he took out of here. On his final journey, the grace of god was with him, or, so he was led to believe, but, was it, really, the presence of G-O-D? Or, was it, instead, the D-E-V-I-L?

On his final journey, what did he see? Nobody knew, we just found him dead, with a goofy look on his face, and, we can only speculate what, exactly happened, in those moments before his death, but, ALL of that, would only BE speculations, and, the one who knows the entire truth? Well, he ain’t there NO more (yeah, so???), to tell us all about it now, is he? Nope!!!

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