What Killed Her Was the High Cost of Her Cell Phone Bills After She’d Lent Her Cell to Her Boyfriend

And W-H-Y, did you FUCKING allow your boyfriend to call whoever using YOUR cell phone endlessly??? From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A thirteen-year-old seventh grader in Taoyuan, Huang, had lent her cell phone to her twenty-year-old boyfriend, Lin to use, Lin had managed to spent ALL of her minutes, and Huang’s mother wanted her daughter to break up with him, and had Lin pay for her daughter’s phone bill, two nights ago, Huang went and had an unsuccessful confrontation and had gotten into a huge fight, and, a few minutes later, she was found dead, having jumped from her twelfth floor building.

Huang’s parents and families speculated, that that same night, as the couple were trying to figure out how to deal with the maxed out phone bills, and, a little over eleven, shortly after Lin and his friends left, she’d fallen off, and, the family suspected that Huang’s death has something to do with the phone bill dispute and her relationship issues, they’d asked the police to look into the matter, the police speculated that after Huang sent her boyfriend out, she might have walked straight up to the roof, and walked toward the parking lot where the boyfriend had parked his scooter, and then, leapt off.

Two nights ago at eleven, the police and fire department got a call, that Huang was found, having fallen to her death, next to a parking lot close to the community where she lived, her brains were all over the places, and her skull was broken out of shape too. Huang’s boyfriend, Lin and his three friends were just about to ride their motorcycles off, and, the four heard the loud noise, and saw that Huang had fallen off the building, they’d all claimed, “It’s NOT our fault”, “we had nothing to do with this”.

The police found, that Huang’s family is on the lower end of the socioeconomic status, that she was raised by her mother along; the family is listed as a low income household, she’d gone behind her family’s back and dated Lin, and lent her cell to him. Awhile ago, Huang’s mother received the phone bills, and she’d grilled her daughter, she’d realized what’d happened, and she’d feared that her daughter had been scammed, asked her to break up with the boyfriend, and had him pay up her last bill.

Two nights ago at nine thirty, Huang went to Lin’s place to negotiate, Lin brought along two other males, and a female to accompany, and it seemed that they’d not reached an agreement, Huang asked her aunt to show Lin and his friend out, and, very shortly afterward, she’d fallen off the building.

As Huang’s aunt saw Lin and his friends off, she’d seen Huang fallen off the building, she’d immediately called up Huang’s mother, who thought that she’d gone off to see her friends out, she’d rode down on her wheelchair, and asked them, “Where is my daughter?” Huang’s school claimed that Huang had behaved normally in school, and that they’re looking at counseling her classmates.

And so, this, is precisely W-H-Y, you should NOT give your cell phone, computer, or whatever ELSE that can get you SCREWED over, to someone to use, and, what killed her, is probably NOT how high the bill was, it was probably the accumulations of everything in this young lady’s life…


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