The Rape of Her Dolls

VIOLENCE, in the doll corner here…

First, she’d started, by stroking her dolls, real gentle (yeah, I still KNOW, ‘k???), then, she’d turned violent, NOBODY knows why, and, NOBODY bothered enough to find out W-H-Y.

It happened, late one night, when she thought that everybody was asleep, but, someone WAS watching her, she’d stripped the clothes off her dolls, pulled down their panties, lined them up, on her bed, then, she waited, for him, to come, and tuck her in, and that, was their “special time” together…

Ever since that very FIRST time, she’d molested, and raped her dolls, hit them when they’d misbehaved, and when she realized that she’d gone overboard with her “disciplines”, she’d feel ashamed of herself, and, kissed the dolls’ “boo-boos”. And, this continued, until AFTER her mother finally divorced her father, but, that, was just the beginning of the next stage of pain that she’d encountered.

For every boyfriend her mother brought home, they’d come to her, when her mother was away, working the night shifts, and, during this time period, her dolls endured through the MOST violent of all times. She’d beaten them all up, pulled their heads off, thrown those severed heads into the trash, then, she’d picked the heads back up, “reconnected” to the dolls’ bodies, then, she’d caressed her dolls, cradled them,, cooed with them.

And now, she’d had one of her own, and, as she’d watched her own baby girl, she’d started noticing things too, like how her child would start to cry like crazy, when she’d gotten all doll up, to head out to the parties with that next guy………

In the end, MORE than DOLLS had been sacrificed, and now, there’s this SHRINE where ALL the broken up dolls go, to lay down, and D-I-E…

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