Patiently, Coaching the Children on the Issues of Love

This, is what the parents CAN do, translated…

Lee suggested the parents, that when the children encounter that first taste of love, are having relationship or interpersonal issues, to NOT assign their own values on the matter, or to scold them, “You’re way too young to know what love is”, to prevent children from putting their guards up, and completely shut down from the parents; if they’d taken their classmates’ bad ideas, then, it may be a whole lot worse in the end.

Lee said, that parents should listen close to what the children are saying, to find the problems together, for instance, why is the person I’m into not liking me back? Could it be my forceful attitude normally, treating others mean, if you didn’t like being treated like so, then, should you NOT change?

Because of a group project, Li was split from Chih-Hou, and they’d no longer talked as much as they used to. Lee said, that the parents can encourage Li to find time after class to talk to Chih-Hou, to find topics interesting to him, to do some “homework”, to collect that data, to talk about what Chih-Hou is into, for instance, cartoon, video games, or sports.

If she couldn’t get what Chih-Hou was into, she could also ask his best friend about it, or to make observations of him in class, to find a common interest, that way, the distance between them can be closer, and they can continue being good friends, and she would NOT need to fear that Chih-Hou would be interested in the other girls in her class anymore.

And so, this still just shows how “mature” they are getting, and this, is still very bad, and there’s NO way of preventing the kids from being interested in the opposite sex now, all the parents can do, is to MAKE sure that the kids are taught, to PROTECT themselves, because this day and age, there’s NO telling what the kids are up to, I mean, you can’t possibly keep your eyes GLUED on them 24/7, can you??? Nope!!!


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