Hugged by a Vest of Compassion

On autism, helping behaviors, and offering hope, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Because “Hugs are All Too Important”, the Social Corporation in Singapore, “T. Ware” had developed a vest that inflates to give the feelings of being hugged, to give autistic and people with ADHD, to remotely control getting hugs, to alleviate their unsettled feelings, to reduce their levels of anxiety too.

The CEO of “T. Wear”, Cheng believed, “because hugs are very important”, he’d put his conceptual beliefs he’d written for his doctor’s dissertations, and developed his own brand of clothing, “T. Jackets”, and, a LOT of the parents with autistic, or ADHD children at home would NOT need to quit their jobs to care for the children anymore, and special education instructors can also use their Smartphones to care for multiple special needs children at once.

The Innovations Director of T. Ware, Lin said, that normally, after a school instructor was placed in charge of six children who have autism, s/he will lose control; last year the Singapore National University had tested the vest out on twenty families with autistic children, and found that the vest worked.

Lin said, that after placing the vest on the shoulders and around the waists, the inflatable parts of the “T. Jacket” can inflate within a matter of ten to twenty seconds, and the air pressures would give off a feel of being hugged, to steady the unsettled mind.  And, this vest is NOT at all cheap, and “T. Ware” is not a big company either, and the banks in Singapore will offer financial support to the families, so the vest would be affordable to the children who need them.

And so, this, is how a small thought can TRIGGER a HUGE response, the man who invented this vest saw that children with special needs wanted the same things, but didn’t know how to ask and so, the man used his mind, and created something, that actually will help kids with autism get more connected with the world around.



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