He’d Give the Millions of Dollars He’d Saved to Fix Up His Own Ancestral Home to the Community to Set Up Help Centers

This, is really amazing what this man had done, from the Front Page Sections, doing good, “caught on camera”…

A man in Chiayi started asking his relatives to donate the money to fix up the ancestral home, and they’d managed to get over millions of dollars in funds, and the man donated all the money, to set up a center for the school children to study after school, to allow for a place for the elderly that didn’t have anybody.

Wang said, that his ancestral home is located at a distant village, where a LOT of the younger generation had migrated to big cities to find work, and that the elderly who were left behind would NOT have proper meals that offered them the nutritional values, and they’d be accompanied by television, that it’s NOT at all nutritious, and they’re very lonely too.

Every year, as his family gathered, Wang would watch his ancestral home that’s gone to waste, and he’d asked the family members to put up the money, to fix up the property, but the members of his family saw it as pointless, and consoled him to “focus on making more money”. But his mind was set up, he’d started reconstructing the property, and, his families saw how he was unwavered, and they’d supported him in the end.

Wang said, that the ancestral home will be fixed completely by June this year, that other than it being used for the family gatherings on the major holidays, Wang said that it would be opened, for the entire community to use, including a homework center for kids after school, meals on wheels for the elderly for the lunch hours, and he’d only charged each person just $50N.T.s, and the items served include: organic rice, organic fruits and vegetables, a total of SIX courses, plus soup, and fruits at the end.

The outer walls of the ancestral home had been painted, to show the seasons of the agricultural community, it’d made the elderly feel very at home the moment they’d entered, Wang had hoped, that he could give the elderly a feeling of home, so they no longer felt lonely anymore, with the accompaniment of the volunteers and other elderly people, and eat the meals happily.

In order to save up the funds to make his dreams possible, last year, Wang started working the land himself, planted the organic rice seeds, and even though, he was tired, he felt, more than energetic.

Wang said, that the farmer’s associations, schools, and offices of the department of sanitation, along with school instructors who’d vowed to help out too, and Wang’s ancestral home is also renting the space out for $12,000N.T. for six nights a year for people to come for their vacations, Wang said he welcomed all, to help transfer the old ancestral home into a help station, to offer the assistances to those in need.

And so, this man is slowly making his dreams of helping others a reality, and, he’d put up his ancestral home, donated the space, and, he needed the money to make his dreams come true, and this, is a man who gave EVERYTHING he had, to better the living environment for those in his area. A good-natured heart………


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