Finding an Alternative Version of Oneself

Time for growth, people!!! Translated…

After my children are born, I’d become like the regular working ladies, a candle, burning on both ends, at work, and at home. Because my child got sick a lot, I feel very bad about it, thinking, that if I’d taken care of him, then, maybe, his health would be better.

And so, I’d sent in my resignation, but my boss and coworkers all warned me kindly, said that after taking care of my child for two to three years’ time, I’d be at age forty, and by then, it would NOT at all be that easy, for me to find a good job as the one that I have, plus, my son is only one, he is surely NEVER to remember everything that happened when he was still a baby.

And so, I’d started struggling, but in the end, I’d still given up my work, because I believed, that my child has only ONE childhood, and plus, a child this young would need his mom’s accompaniment. That year, I’d quit, and became a full-time mom. And still, there’s a LOT to be learned from the job of being a full-time mom too, from how to sterilize the bottles, making baby foods, and to tell if my child was crying because of anger, or to get my attention. To tell you the truth, being a full-time mom is comparable to the hardships of being a career woman, but, being able to be there as my son took his very first step, and hearing his first word of “mama”, and being there for many of his firsts, it’s so very rewarding.

One day, I watched, as my son played on his own, I was amazed, at how he could get happy by the smallest details he’d encountered, and I started question myself, “Where had MY happiness gone?”, after I’d let things “slow-cook” inside, I’d realized, that when I left work, it wasn’t for my son at all, the real reason behind me leaving the workforce was because of how unhappy work was making me.

It took me forever, to find myself, to ask myself, what I wanted in life? What can I do? I’d kept searching, confirming, and reconfirming, in the end, I’d believed, that the path of artistry, of writing, of designing, etc., etc., etc., IS the path I should be on.

When my child was kindergarten age, I’d started taking classes like crazy, to learn all I can, about designing, and, there would be other voices, “You’re NOT a designs major, and you don’t have ANY work experiences in this area, and you’re older, there’s NO purpose in your learning this trade.” And still, I’d believed, that there would be a road opening up for me, plus, my passions toward designing is comparable to that of the younger generations too.

And so, in a chance encounter, I’d opened up a workshop with a friend. Slowly, we’d gotten cases, and, after three months, we’d gotten a place in the government held animations competition too, even though, it’s just a small award, but we believe, that it is a step in the right direction.

Mr. Chang-Shou Yen was absolutely right, after meeting yourselves, then, you can become “an angel to yourselves and to someone else”. I’m truly glad, that I have the opportunity to combine my work and my areas of interests, I am really living, a fulfilled life right now!

And so, this, is a woman’s path to discover herself, and, it still wasn’t at all easy, like how she was told by the schools, that she’s too old, and yet, she sought out the resources, and kept persisting in her dreams, and in the end, she was able to become the woman she’d always wanted to become, she had, self-actualized, and all of this was made possible, by her own unwavering nature, her persistence, and her strength.


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