When the Highly Educated Started Eating “Leftovers”

This, is what’s come to the elites of the world, because the job market is currently SHUT (still NOT “hiring” for new people here!!!), and, as each and every school year draws to an end, those new graduates are being SHOVED into the real world, and, there’s just NOT enough to “go around” to everybody, so, those highly educated started eating what the older generations couldn’t finish.

This is really bad, I mean, you didn’t get your five-star-higher-ed, just to become a janitor, did you? And, I’m sure that your parents wouldn’t approve of you becoming a trash collector after you’d gotten a master’s or a doctor’s degree, would they? Heck NO, but, the economy is “going down”, and, until IT hits ROCK BOTTOM (don’t know when that’ll happen!!!), it won’t start to rise up again, and so, you high educated folks out there had better get used to eating their (those who already have a job???) leftovers.


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