Side Effects of Education

This, is the side effects of education, you’d start to H-A-T-E reading, and, once that love for reading is lost, it will, take you, FOREVER, to find it back again, as it’d taken ME forever to.

The side effects of education, you will NEVER fully recover from, because NO matter what, you just won’t BE able to shake off, because that dark cloud, well, it’ll forever LURK on top of you. The side effects of education, it won’t wear off, like those unwanted side effects (as advertized???) in twelve to twenty-four hours.

The side effects of education, if you can’t handle it, then, you shouldn’t even BE in the realms of education, but, if you don’t keep on learning about things, then, you’re just gonna, DETERIORATE, so, it’s still DEAD ends on BOTH sides for ya.

The side effects of education, how can you get rid of it, keep on learning, until you can’t even tell the difference of when you’re having your “downtime” (relaxation away from learning), until you’d incorporated learning, to your every day living routines, you will never FULLY recover, from the nasty side effects of education, and, those of you who believe you have recovered fully, well, here comes a R-E-L-A-P-S-E!!!


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