More Prisons Than School

The future is looking B-L-E-A-K-E-R than E-V-E-R here, seeing how the governments are building or rather, had built MORE prisons than schools.

More prisons than schools, this, is what this world has “ come to”, I mean, because a LOT of people that don’t finish school end up in prison, and, the current prison systems are still overcrowded, and, we can’t just release these criminals back on the streets, can we? So, what do we do? Oh yeah, we build MORE prisons.

Had we built more schools from the beginning, then, there wouldn’t be a need for more prisons, there would still be need for S-O-M-E prisons, but, the taxpayers wouldn’t spend ALL their money that they “ turned in” to the governments to help build prisons.

So, the question is now: do you want MORE prisons, or do you want MORE schools? And, what are you going to do about it, how can you make it happen? Getting more schools than prisons?


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