Crucified, for My Beliefs

Because people (still NOT mentioning A-N-Y names there!!!) don’t like what I have to say, and so, a group of them gained UP on me, they’d fucking (oopsy!!!) stuck that wooden cross onto my front lawn (with a TOTAL DISREGARD and RESPECT for MY religious belief system too, can you believe it!!!), and then, they SET my yard ablaze…

Crucified, for my beliefs, and, there’s still NO changing WHAT I believe, even IF all that remained of me is the ashes. Crucified, for my beliefs, but why? How come YOUR values are worth MORE than mine? And, just because I have a difference of opinion compared to the VAST majority, does that mean, that I should get S-H-U-N-N-E-D? Where the FUCK (pardon the “French”!!!) IS the freedom in that?

Crucified, for my beliefs, I was already NAILED to the cross, and HUNG with that N-O-O-S-E, in the neighborhood big tree (don’t ask me which one!!!), and, I’m still here, kicking, AND screaming, LOUD as E-V-E-R, and the ONLY way for ME to SHUT the F*** (sorry, “maxed out”!!!) UP, would be IF I died, and someone put me on that dissection table, where I would have to wait (still QUITE impatiently), for MY dissections…

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