The Grandfather Went Out, the Two Grandkids Played with Fire, One Had Died, and the Other’s Life is in Critical Condition

Like I’d said before, you should ALWAYS have “adult supervision” for your children, otherwise, you do NOT know what sort of a trouble they’ll get into, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

There had been two separate cases in Nantou, and Taidong, of young children, playing with lighters, and starting fires, and, in the fire in Nantou, of the two kids, one was critically injured, the other was dead, and for the house in Taidong, everything inside was gone, and the reasons of how the fires got started is still being investigated.

In the Jiang’s home in Nantou, because the son was serving time, and the daughter-in-law had left home, the four grandchildren were left in the care of the grandparents. Yesterday at around eleven in the morn, the grandfather took the seven and the four year old grandsons to get lunch, leaving the six-year-old young granddaughter, taking care of her five-year-old younger brother at home, very shortly after the adults left, the fire had started.

“I’d smelled something burning, and thought that it was the close by burial sites”, the neighbors, Kuan told, and later, they’d found smoke from the house next door, they quickly called it in, the fire department sent out multiple fire trucks, but because there were a TON of clothes, and the house is made up of wood, the fire swallowed the entire building.

The recue officers told, that as they’d gone into the house, the two young children were already unconscious, and they’d rushed them to the hospital in Zhushan, the six year old girl, before they got to the hospitals, was already gone; the five year old boy is in critical condition after being sent to the Chinese Medicine University’s hospital.

The police, after examining the scene, believed that it was the two young kids, playing with fire at home that’s caused the fire to start.

“From before when they were caught, playing with fire, I’d punished them”, the grandfather, Jiang said, sorrowfully, my granddaughter said that her younger brothers needed a nap, that, was why I’d left the two young girls at home, and, I was only gone for no more than a few minutes’ time.

Another fire happened at one thirty in the afternoon in Taidong, the five year old boy, Cheng, was suspected of playing with a lighter on the second floor of his home, that he’d accidentally light the sheets up; the mother realized that there was a fire, took the child downstairs, and the father who was resting on the first floor went upstairs to get water to put out the fire, but the fire had already spread out, he could only run outside.

After fifteen minutes, the firefighters finally put out the flames, even though, there were NO lives lost, but everything they owned, is totally gone. The child, Cheng, was in his mother’s arms, looking shocked still. And, toward the damages that the fires had caused, the couple said, with a look of helplessness, “the most important thing, is that NO lives are lost.”

And so, TWO cases, of how the adults were NOT paying ENOUGH attention to the kids, and that still just shows you, that children can and WILL get into trouble, IF you’re not keeping a close eye on them.


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