It’s Time to Compromise Now

Commentaries, on the Front Page Sections, translated, on the occupation of the legislative branch here…

Conflicts happen, due to the differences of points of view, or opinions.  In order to resolve the conflicts, there would be need for interpersonal understandings, empathy, considering the pros and cons of the matter.

As the conflicts occurred, open up the field of vision, with an open mind, and hear the other side’s story, this, is NOT only important, but it’s also a form of common courtesy, morality, and understanding too.

The conflicting sides hold opposite points of view on the issues, which caused the conflicts to arise, but, either the sides would NOT admit to having a bad point of view, or having done wrong.  And so, one side, backing off, is absolutely necessary, to show, that the other side’s point of view is irrational, and incorrect.  When one side gives in, and the other still held on, and we’d compared the two sides, and, clearly, which side is biased, is plain as the day.

Taking a step back, is like looking into the mirror of truth, to show the original mindsets of the conflicting parties, and even show people the ugliness of human nature too.  “The mask of righteousness is a façade of an evil face”, and the side that held on to the foothold, will GET exposed eventually.

Shakespeare said, “When people are satisfied, they will be willing to pay a higher price”.  Allowing the other side to feel satisfied, is the source of power of your own.  Every single compromise you’d made, if you can give something back, to make someone satisfied, then, you’d have MORE advantage, and you’d have MORE power too.

Some say, that compromising, is the sign of weakness, that would mean, that when someone compromises, s/he is doing so, without knowing why.

And now, all we need, is for both sides, to sit down, with a focused mind, the honesty to get through to each other, and to find a way that both sides can be satisfied with.

Chips are needed, in compromise, and fighting FOR the compromise to happen, and the legislative branch is NOT the chip for this for either side, the support of the citizens behind the issues, that, is the “chips”.

But, how can you even DISCUSS compromise, when the sides wouldn’t even L-I-S-T-E-N, and that, is what we’re STUCK here right now, there IS no way it will work out, because there’s the PARTY factor, and politics behind this.

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