Because Her Boyfriend Didn’t Show Her His Cell Phone, the Woman Got Drunk, and Fell to Her Death from the Top of a Building

See how EASILY people are “crushed” these days??? From the Newspapers, translated…

A woman, Chen, fearing that her boyfriend might be seeing someone else, two nights ago, she’d asked him to show her his cell, and he wouldn’t let her, she’d locked herself up in her bedroom, put on those songs about lost loves, after she’d gotten drunk, she’d climbed up to the tenth floor, and fell to her death, the mother of the woman, after learning that her boyfriend only asked her through the closed doors, “Do you want some midnight snacks?”, then, headed off to bed on his own, she’d blamed him, “why didn’t you show her a little more care and concern!”

The police investigated, that the thirty-seven year old Chen, and her engineer boyfriend had rented a place together in Sinchuang District, Chen was suspected of being clinically depressed, plus she’d been out of work for over a year now, she’d relied on her boyfriend, Chen, to provide for her.

Chen told the police, that the girlfriend suspected that he had another, two nights ago, at around eight in the evening, she’d asked to check his cell, and he wouldn’t let her have it, told her, “it’s MY privacy”.

Chen said, that he didn’t think, that his girlfriend would get jealous like that, and suspected that he wouldn’t let her see his cell, because he HAD another lover, they’d gotten into a HUGE fight, she’d gotten angered, took three bottles of mixed alcohol, and put on music about lost love in her own bedroom, and she’d turned up the music very loud too.

Chen said, that at ten in the night, he’d asked her if she wanted some snacks before bedtime through the bedroom door, and she’d still screamed back at him, “NO!”, and he’d made himself something, then, headed to bed, “I didn’t think she’d do something to hurt herself”.

Early yesterday morn, the community security guard heard a LOUD sound, and found that someone had fallen out of the building, and after Chen was awaken, he’d learned, that his girlfriend had fallen off the building, and went downstairs to check, and saw his girlfriend’s head cracked wide open and that she had died, he was shocked to beyond speech.

The police officer and the coroner examined the body, and the mother of the deceased learned what had happened, she’d gotten so angry that she’d blamed Chen, “Why didn’t you go into the bedroom to show some CARE toward her? Maybe she wouldn’t have died!”

And that, would be the family’s grief talking, and, the fact that her boyfriend wouldn’t show HER his cell, would still merely BE the igniting point that caused her suicide, there MUST be a TON of unspoken things that we do NOT know about here, that contributed to her death, and this still just shows you how EASILY people ARE cracking these days…


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