“Can’t” is Introduced to the Vocabulary Bank of a Child

It’s, a very, very, V-E-R-Y, sad day, for A-L-L…………

On the day, that “can’t” is introduced, into the vocabulary bank of a child, s/he started withdrawing, and, if the parents, along with the teacher, FUEL to the furthering of the word, “can’t”, then, the child will become totally, and utterly, withdrawn, and, she’ll live inside her shells, and, chances are, she will NEVER come back out again.

Can’t is introduced into the vocabulary bank of a child, and, once “can’t” takes up root, well, there’s NO turning back, because it’s like that downward spiral, except, that there’s NO “rock bottom”……………

Can’t is introduced into the vocabulary bank of a child, and, the child learns what s/he is incapable of, and, s/he will feel very down and out, because the world, is moving on, without her/him, and s/he feels that she’s getting left behind.

Can’t is introduced into the world of a child, and, it all started, when they were, very young too, the very first time the child had heard that word, it was, blurted out, so carelessly, of the lips of her/his parents, then, before you know it, the kid is hearing the word, from the school teachers, and then, from the rest of her/his cohort, and this child will, live, with, absolutely Z-E-R-O self-confidence, and that, is that…………

Believe it or don’t, but, before the “formal introductions” were ever made, the child never KNEW what s/he wasn’t capable of, s/he thought that s/he could do any, AND everything, and now, the word, “can’t” plagues the ins and outs of this child’s life.










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