A Pastor Became a Social Worker, and Helped Children Who Were Burned to Regain Their Smiles Back Again

Doing good, caught on “camera”, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“Social workers not only help single cases, they’d also help solve some of the issues in the society”, the Personnel manager of the MacKay Memorial Hospital commented, that because of an incident, he was introduced to social work, and through the act of helping others, he’d seen the values of social work, and started working as a social worker for over twenty years to date, to help push forth foundations to take care of people who’d been burned in fires, premature babies, along with the care of the terminally ill, yesterday, he’d received the 2014 Social Professional Special Contributions Award.

Some thirty years ago, when Chen entered into the MacKay Memorial Hospitals, he was a pastor, after he’d took over the manager of the service department, he’d gotten involved in social work; and he wasn’t threatened because of the long hours of work, and that he must continually be on guard, to handle emergencies, instead, he’d found his own work values, and had gone to the U.S. to get a master’s degree in social work in the States, and started working AS a social worker.

In his eyes, people are naturally born different, some that had been in trouble, but couldn’t find the help, and that this might cause problem for the society as a whole; the job of social workers is merely to show care and concern to those in need, to help those who couldn’t, stand on their own.  Chen said, even though work is hard, however, when he saw the separate cases’ lives changed after the social workers stepped in to help out, he’d felt, that it’s more than worth it.

He’d used the summer camps set up for the CBF for instance, the children who had gone through a fire recently would feel a sense of defeat, a sense of helplessness, and most of them could no longer smile, but, year after year, he’d observed, and a lot of the children became happier from the year before, and more confident too, and he’d seen the payoff of his hard work.

And so, this man realized that he could help out a LOT more people, by NOT spreading the gospels at church, but to really get INTO the world, and that, was exactly what he’d done, he gave himself unconditionally, to help children who’d been through hard times in their lives.

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