With the Encouragement of His Foster Parents, Chou, Who Rebelled Hard, Had Returned to School Again

A story of H-O-P-E, of how someone changed his life, with the love and supports of his foster parents, from the Newspapers, translated…

The twenty-two-year-old college student, Chou’s father was unknown, his mother was sent to jail over ten years ago, the grandparents who looked after him had passed, and, all of these factors, had made him more than rebellious, pessimistic, he’d studied in the first year of high school twice, and had almost quit school, but gladly, his foster parents, Wu and Tsai had given him some stability, gave him a home, that, was how he was able to get into college, to continue his higher education.  He said that he was thankful to his “mom and dad”, to help him gain control over his own life again.

The Taiwan Fund for Children & Families, along with the local government in Changhwa yesterday held a call for foster families, and Chou rushed back to Changhwa to participate in the events, to massage his foster parents, and told him how grateful he was of their love.

Chou said, that his mother raised him on her own, that even though he didn’t know who his birth father was, but he’d been optimistic as he was growing up, but, a series of tragedies struck, in his third grade year, his mother was sent to jail, by the sixth grade, his grandmother passed, the next year, his grandfather died, his aunt could NOT look after him, he was placed into the system, and he felt that “the world had become too dark”, and he “had nothing to live for!”

After he’d started high school, Chou became even MORE rebellious, didn’t take to his studies, that he’d repeated his first year twice, and almost didn’t graduate, but gladly, with the help of the Taiwan Fund of Children & Families, the Wu couple took him home, and loved him like he was their own flesh-and-blood.

He said, as he’d arrived in the home of the Wu’s, Daddy Wu only asked him if “he’d gotten into fights and used drugs”, he’d answered an affirming “no”, and the man took him to the bedroom, and had a long conversation with him, it made him feel cared for and loved, and since then, he’d worked really hard, to get good grades, and to get into college, that he’d owed everything to his “Mom” and “Dad”.

The second-in-command of the county government, Ke said, that most kids came from broken homes, and, the foster homes offered the children the needed care and love that they’d needed, to prevent them from going down the wrong roads.

He’d stated, that the children without the good families, they’d needed more love, but, there is only forty-eight foster families in Changwha, and that there are a TON of children who’d needed to be placed into foster care, hoping that more of the local families can be sponsors to more children.

And this, is how a child’s life was changed, because of the kindness of a couple, who offered their hand in assistance, and, the article’s right in that we need MORE families who can offer this sort of love, care, and concern, to the children who are from those not-so-good backgrounds, after all, “nurture” plays a BIGGER part, in shaping people’s personalities.







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