In a Carnival Held by a Kindergarten Yesterday, the Children Had Donated Over a Thousand Dollars of Their Own Allowances

Here, the kindness starts at a very young age, from the Newspapers Online, translated…

A kindergarten in Chiayi yesterday, had asked the handicapped elderly couple who’d sold food from a roadside stand to come into the school, to sell their foods, the parents showed their supports, by taking the kids to buy, the stands, and helped the children get along and interacted with the couple, a child’s family had donated their $400N.T. in winning of the receipts to the cause, the city councilwoman, Wang, also donated $3,000N.T. to the cause, making the love flow.

The activities started with a skit of “Putting Love into Action” by the instructors, followed by the carnival, and the fundraising stands were set up by the epilepsy foundation, the local not-for-profit organizations, along with the couple that sold the food items, along with the local hair salons too.

The parents took the kids, as they’d gotten in life for the fried breadstick stand, and, as the couple were bagging up the food items, they’d said, happily, “We’d never gotten this much business before”. The parents, they commented, “This activity is really helpful.”

The person in charge of the kindergarten, Lu said, that happiness is very high here in the city, and, through the carnival, they were able to teach children about compassion, through interacting with the handicapped people.

The person responsible for the PTA of the school, Huang, said, “Through this experience, we were able to teach kids about compassion, to have them show care and concern for those who are not as fortunate as they, to love themselves as well, and, to let the children understand, that it is better to give than to receive.”

And so, the activities had served the purpose, it’d gotten the kids to get a closer look, at how other’s needed the help, and that, is a very important thing, to instill that sense of care and concern for the world, starting them young…






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