Childhood, Plagued by Shadows

This, was a childhood, plagued by shadows, and, that, would be precisely W-H-Y, he would NOT try to recall it, because he’d remembered how dark those shadows would get at nights, and, his voice got muffled up, and, NOBODY could hear him cry.

A childhood, plagued by shadows, you KNOW what I’m talkin’ ‘bout, like how Hansel & Gretel felt, when their DADDY ABANDONED them into the forest, left them to D-I-E, because his NEW wife didn’t want to keep the DEAD wife’s kids, she wants her own? Or, how Cinderella grew up, cleaning UP NOT only her own mess, but the messes of her stepmother, AND stepsisters?

A childhood, plagued by shadows, and, once those shadows get inside the bedrooms of children, well, they are NEVER going to get O-U-T from under, because those shadows, they WILL overpower you, they will keep you, submerged, and, you will NEVER see the light again…………

A childhood, plagued by shadows, you CAN’T shake it off now, those shadows from your childhood, they will NEVER leave your side, they will BE with you, (like the Force???) and, everywhere you’d turned, you’d see it, and, you’d feel that slow, suffocating sensation, KNOCKING the air out from your lungs.

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