Driving You Away

Driving you away, this, was what I was doing, unknowingly (talkin’ ‘bout a bunch of self-unaware people here!!!). Driving you away? That, was NOT my intentions at all, oh no, all I wanted to, was for us all, to be “one big happy family”, but we’re NOT, are we?

Driving you away, that, was what I’d done, by holding to you too tightly, when you’d grown, I was still unwilling to let go, and so, yeah, I kept your umbilical cord tied and connected, to me, and now, you’d found my “replacement”, your wife, and all of a sudden, I feel, so much loss.

Driving you away, I didn’t mean to do that, can you possibly, give me another chance, I swear I’ll change, I’ll do anything, just don’t keep the grandkids away, I want to see them, every single weekend, after all, that, is the one and ONLY wish of a grandmother (here comes the GUILT trip!!!), plus, is it too much to ask, for you, to bring them by to visit me, to spend a meal with your old lady? And, need I remind you how back when you were super, duper ill, who WAS it that stayed UP all night, didn’t sleep a wink?

And it just goes on, and on, and on, and on, and the “parent” in the above still has absolutely ZERO clue of what s/he is doing wrong? Hello, you are driving your own offspring away, by being too overbearing, too controlling, mommies, AND daddies, and, here’s a “side note”, we children are already G-R-O-W-N, and, we do NOT need you, to worry about us, after all, I’d already figured OUT my own life, and, because you are way too hovering over yours, that, is why they still couldn’t stand UP on their own there!!!

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