Keeping Her Cool Was What Kept Her from Being Raped

The WITS of a woman, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“I’m not a hooker, you can’t do this to me!” a woman, Wang who rented a place in Taichung, couldn’t’ take a man whom she’d never ever met, Jing’s requests, to open up the doors, to allow him to get the things that belonged to his ex-girlfriend, without knowing, that as soon as she’d opened up the doors, he’d used a pair of scissors, and threatened to rape her, Wang was extremely calm in interacting with him, she’d told him, that rape is a serious felony, that, was how she’d gotten away, without a scratch, the High Subsidiary Courts found Jing guilty of attempted rape and gave him a light sentence of two years in prison.

The collective courts considered, that Jing is young and impulsive, but, he DID show signs of remorse, and the victim was willing to forgive him, and so, that, was why he’d been given, a lighter sentence.

The twenty-five year-old Jing, two years ago, on the early morning of May 16, at around six, went to Wang’s place, and started knocking on her doors, asked her to open up, claimed that he wanted to get a gift he’d given to his ex back, Wang told him, that she’d moved in a year ago, and there was NOTHING of the sort, but, Jing kept begging and pleading, and, Wang finally allowed him, without knowing, that she’d opened up the door for a rapist.

Jing pretended to be looking for the thing, and couldn’t find it, and, he’d turned around, and grabbed Wang, forced her onto the bed, used a pair of scissors, held it against her neck, asked her to have sex with him, and, he’d fondled her breasts with her clothes on, and attempted to strip her clothes off too, Wang fought hard, the two got into a deadlock.

Wang calmly said to Jing, “I’m NOT a hooker, you can’t do this to me, you MUST remain calm, you hadn’t found your ex yet, and you’d made a mistake, you’d still get sent to jail.” And, took the advantage of when Wang loosened his grips, worked hard, to try to take the scissors away, the scissors later fell to the ground.

After Wang consulted him, Jing seemed to be more lucid, did attempt to rape her again, but, he’d still held Wang in his arms, pinned her down, and forcibly kissed her hair and neck for about five to ten minutes. At around seven in the morning, Wang told him, that she needed to head out for work, and that, was when Jing got on his motorcycle, and rode off, and that, was when Wang called up her boyfriend, and cried, and told him what had happened, and she’d called the police, the police reviewed the surveillance on the street corners, and managed to get Jing’s license plate, and made an arrest.

And so, this woman’s ability to remain calm as she had was probably what saved her from getting raped, but she was still molested, and the loser is now, caught, thanks to how she’d kept calm through the entire process.


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