An Empty Shell of a Marriage

And so, why are you still keeping up with this façade??? A Q&A, translated…

Q Madam W wrote…

She is forty-seven, her husband, fifty-three, they’re both in the primes of their lives right now, but, seven years ago, they’d stopped being intimate with one another, she didn’t feel comfortable being proactive, and, he’d relieved himself from his sexual duties in his everyday living, until recently, he felt bad, said to her, “My penis now serve the sole function of letting me urinate.” And, his words, they angered her. He had a history of infidelity from a long time ago, and now, he’d had his affair with a woman he’d worked with for many years on end, W had also met the woman. And she KNEW that her husband was up to something, but she didn’t know what to do, she just feels so much pain right now.

A My Advice

The most painful part of a marriage, is being tied together, after the love is NO longer existent, and had to turn a blind eye, to the partner’s cheating ways, and the cheating person didn’t have the courtesy to keep everything hushed, just hoped that the other person would keep silent about it.

The couple is NO longer connected on an intimate level, there’s absolutely NO trust, the cheat doesn’t feel like divorcing, because maybe, the spare has no intentions of replacing the person, or that the wife still had her functionality in his household, or the children, or, other reason, he too, had never thought about divorce. And, even though the victimized spouse didn’t want to divorce, but, there’s NO intimacy, no trust, and seemingly, the empty shell of a marriage without love, she also, didn’t know, HOW to keep it going.

My advice is quiet simple: figure out whether or not YOU want to divorce? Do you have what it takes? Consider both economical and psychological independences, if you had the strength, do you have a plan for the future or not. And, after you’d decided to go through with divorce, then, decide whether or not to catch him in the act, consider the alimony, along with custody, and other important matters too.

If you don’t want to divorce, and couldn’t change the goings-on of your marriage, then, change yourself, transform yourself, from inside to out, to find some activities you’d enjoyed doing, to live your life fully. And, once you have your self-confidence, the whole world will change, and, maybe then, W, would be the one, who would want to get divorced!

And so, because this woman lived HER life around her husband AND family, he, was her everything, and so, that, was why she was so strained by his affair, and because this LOSER couldn’t make UP his mind, I mean, why would he? If he could have an old maid, who cooks, cleans, SUCK his DICK for him, who would turn a blind eye to his whoring around town, and so, this woman, is still stuck, and she MUST throw the first P-U-N-C-H, instead of waiting for the first PUNCH to be thrown AT her.

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