An Empty Nest

Just like those baby bird who NO longer needed their parents’ care anymore…

An empty nest, this, is what I’m left with, along with an empty heart, after you’d gone, you were, the tornado that came through town, and destroyed EVERYTHING in your path, including me, the ONLY possible person in the entire world who CAN possibly love you. An empty nest, can you imagine the sense of loss those mother birds feel, that after they’d brought back over a MILLION worms to keep their offspring full, and after the babies’ wings grew strong enough, they flew out, and never return again.

An empty nest, this, is what I’m looking at right now, and, I don’t know H-O-W I’m ever going to feel up this void, this need, to take care of somebody, because I need, to be needed.

An empty nest, this, is what you’re left with, isn’t it? And, how does it feel, KNOWING, for certain, that that nest that’s emptied will NEVER, ever, E-V-E-R, be filled back up again? Huh? How, does THAT feel???


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2 responses to “An Empty Nest

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. This is a difficult time for many women. I’m looking to help mothers in your stage of life. If you would like to be a part of helping them, please let me know. You can also check out my blog to read my own story.

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